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SparcIt is an NSF-funded technology and creativity company based in the San Francisco Bay Area, CA. Its patent pending technology helps educators, researchers, and corporations test and measure creativity through an online platform like never before.

Development & Enhacement

Proven exercises to enhance creative thinking ability

Analytics & Benchmark

In-depth analytics using metrics such as fluency, flexibility & originality

Testing & Assessment

Creative and divergent thinking assessments using semantic-based network

Technology & Engine

Psychometric automated engine designed to measure creative thinking ability

Fast, Accurate, Reliable

Accurate and reliable results in as low as 10 seconds

Enterprises & Universities

Clients in both enterprise and education sectors


Creativity is a Serious Thing!

Creativity is one of the greatest intangible in the global business. Among many things, what makes a company succeed are: the ability to foster innovation, establish a high degree of brand recognition and develop exception talent and leadership. All the mentioned abilities are influenced by its creative perspective, practices and cultures. Moreover, creativity does impact the bottom-line as well.

What we do?

Based on over 50 years of psychological research, SparcIt is the pioneer of automated psychometric creativity assessment. Today, such verbal and semantic creativity testing is a manual and expensive process administered only by experts. We automates such testing by combining advances in:

.: Natural language processing (NLP)
.: Semantic networks from computational linguistics
.: Computational power for statistical mining of large corpora.

The resulting increase in speed, affordability, and accuracy makes the assessment of semantic creativity of individuals, students, or employees available to masses.

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How it works?

Creativity is ability to produce work that is both novel (i.e.: original, unexpected) and appropriate. (i.e.: useful, adaptive) We adopted the well-researched semantics-based psychometric approach to measuring creativity.  Based on this approach, a set of creative-thinking assessments have been designed.  

Each assessment includes three sections:

Each section contains 1-3 open-ended exercises where users are encouraged to answer in game-like manners and be as open-minded and creative as possible. Depending on the number of exercises, a full assessment could take 10-90 minutes to complete.

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